Monday, July 20, 2009

Boarding House

Praise God! I found a boarding house that I liked and I moved into it yesterday. It is 15 minutes away from my co-workers house. It is also close to a mall and a store called Carfour (It is like Fred Meyer or Wall Mart). All my roommates work there. I have only met two of my 7 roommates. It is the weekend so a lot of them go to their home towns for the weekend. My room has AC which is nice because it is hotter here in Jakarta then in Salatiga. (Salatiga is at a higher altitude so the weather there is nicer.)

Thank you for all your prayers. Right now I am looking for a church to go to and get involved in. Please pray I will find a good church to go to .


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am safe

I live a little under an hour from where the bombings took place so I was nowhere near the bombings. I live in a low profile area so I am in a safe place. It is ok for me to go outside and walk around because most Indonesians are very upset about the bombings. The Indonesian government does not tolerate terrorist and neither do most of the people here. It is very safe for me to go to stores and other places. I just want to make sure everyone understand that I am doing well and that I am safe here in Indonesia.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Arrived in Jakarta

I arrived in Jakarta last night and right now I am staying at the guesthouse. I am planing on moving to a boarding house sometime soon. I have a lot of time to search for a good boardinghouse so I am in no hurry. Today I searched and found some possibilities. I went to 15 different places and only about 5 of them had rooms available. 2 of those 5 I thought were good options but I am still going to some more searching. Please pray for wisdom in choosing a boarding house. Thank you so much for your prayers.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Mary Grace

I have not posted many pictures of Mary Grace yet so here some pictures of the both of us together at a church retreat

This was in front of the retreat center

Here is a picture of just grace at the same spot.


I am sorry I sent out an e-mail update about my decision to go to Jakarta but forgot to post about it. I am going to Jakarta this Sunday (July 12). Please pray for a safe trip and for my transition from a small city to a big one. The Indonesian they use there is a little different then they use here in Salatiga so it well take me a few months to get used to that. For right now I am going to be staying at the guest house but I will be looking for a boarding house to stay at. Please pray that I will be able find quickly and one that is close to where I will be working.