Wednesday, March 04, 2009


February 18th was my birthday. There are a lot of differences between the way you celebrate your birthday in US and in Indonesia. The biggest one is that if it is your birthday you should have all your friends over for dinner or take them out to dinner. So I took a bunch of my friends out to dinner on my birthday.

This is a picture of me and my friends at a
restaurant. Mary Grace took the picture so
she is not in it.

Usually you do not receive any presents on your birthday and usually you don't eat cake either. There are Indonesians that do give presents and eat cake but that is American culture. My friends did give me some presents but I had to wait to open them when I got home. They also bought me a cake. I was surprised that they bought me some presents and a cake.

This is a picture of the cake. You can see
that I turned 25 because of the canddles

This Saturday is Indah's birthday so she will get to buy us (her friends) dinner this Saturday. Mary Grace was not in any of the pictures above because she was taking most the pictures but here one of the two of us together.